mass hardness 中文意思是什麼

mass hardness 解釋
  • mass : n 彌撒;彌撒的儀式[禱告、音樂];彌撒曲。 a high [solemn] Mass (有燒香、奏樂等的)大彌撒。 a low ...
  • hardness : n. 1. 堅固。2. 冷酷無情。3. 苛刻。4. 困難。5. 硬性;硬度。6. 飛彈基地防禦核攻擊的能力。
  1. For the purpost of thin and even wall thickness distribution, and mass production dialy, the molds for food packaging materials, such as pudding cup, airline cup, jelly cup, closeure, pet preform. . etc., have to be designed combining precision and hardness with hot runnet system in structure

    許多食品包裝器皿,如布丁杯、航空杯、果凍杯,瓶蓋、 pet瓶瓶胚等,由於其成品對于厚度及均勻度之要求相當嚴格,同時每日需生產龐大數量,因此其模具在結構上必須要求具有精密度高、硬度大、使用熱澆道系統等設計方可達到目的。
  2. The results show that with the increase of loads, the mass loss of roller increases considerably, with the increase of roller ' s hardness, the main wear mechanism changes from plastic deformation wear to ploughing wear