matrix probing 中文意思是什麼

matrix probing 解釋
  • matrix : n (pl matrices 或matrixes)1 【解剖學】子宮;母體;發源地,策源地,搖籃;【生物學】襯質細胞;間...
  • probing : 坑探;探測
  1. Since the 1920 ' s, researchers have made great progress not only in investigating and collecting talks about three kingdoms and popular, stories of the three kingdoms, but also in systematically probing into their influences on the author luo guanzhong ' s writing in terms of the contents and plots, narrative framework, narrative art, epic matrix, ideology and values, which has paved the way for the future study

    二十世紀二十年代以來,研究者除了在「說三分」 、 《三國志平話》等相關資料的鉤稽、發現方面取得了較大進展外,也從情節內容、敘事構架、敘述藝術、史詩母題、思想傾向、文化精神等方面對羅貫中創作的影響進行了比較系統的探討,為今後進一步研究打下了很好的基礎。