oatcake 中文意思是什麼

oatcake 解釋

  1. Joseph seemed sitting in a sort of elysium alone, beside a roaring fire ; a quart of ale on the table near him, bristling with large pieces of toasted oatcake ; and his black, short pipe in his mouth

  2. The oatcake series will contain no artificial flavorings or colorings of any kind, and are suitable for vegetarians

  3. Jc flavor believes that its oatcake series will soon become a favorite snack for the weight - conscious office ladies. walkers was founded in 1898 and has been granted the royal warrant of appointment by her majesty the queen. this will be an exciting collaboration between a scottish specialty and an eastern name - brand

    製造商walkers歷史悠久,創立於一八九八年,品質與工藝得到時間的驗證,更是唯一一家能三度獲英女皇出口成就獎queen s award for export achievement的蘇格蘭食品商。