polyatomic species 中文意思是什麼

polyatomic species 解釋
  • polyatomic : adj. 【化學】多原子的,多元的,多堿的,多酸的。
  • species : n. 〈sing. , pl. 〉1. 種類;【生物學】(物)種。2. 【邏輯學】種。3. 【原子能】核素。4. 【法律】形式。5. 【宗教】聖餐物。
  1. So the inve stigations of rempi in different systems have comprehensive value in basic field or applied field. in recently years, the photodissociation of sulfur and carbon contained polyatomic molecule has been attracted much attention because these species play a key role in atmospheric physics, environment pollution and ecological preservation