powder booster 中文意思是什麼

powder booster 解釋
  • powder : n 1 粉,粉末。2 (搽臉的)香粉;牙粉;發粉。3 (一服)藥粉;粉劑;散。4 塵土,泥屑;雪糝。5 炸藥...
  • booster : n 1 【電學】升降壓器;調壓電阻;【機械工程】升壓機[泵];【導彈】助推器;多級火箭的第一級;【無線...
  1. The results show that the measurement result is in concordance with the result of calculation by theory on powder - pulse - booster impulse

  2. It reacts with hydrogen peroxide in the solution and forms a stronger oxidant ( peracetate anion ). since 1970s, taed has been applied to detergents and washing powder as a bleaching booster of peroxides. it can remove the dirt that is difficult to be disposed of by peroxides alone

    自70年代以來, taed就主要作為低溫漂白活性劑與過酸鹽(如過硼酸鈉,過碳酸鈉)組合應用於洗滌產品中,這樣就可以清除因洗滌時間、溫度致使過氧化物無法洗凈的污物。
  3. The correctness of experiment method has been proved and it has widely application value for testing on impulse of powder - pulse - booster

  4. A study on the experiment method for impulse of powder - pulse - booster

  5. A simple experiment method for testing the impulse of powder - pulse - booster has presented based on pendulum principle