rabelais 中文意思是什麼

rabelais 解釋
Rabelais , Francois 拉伯雷〈1490-1533,法國諷刺作家〉。

  1. Rabelais, like a torrent of burning, shouting, laughing lava, burst through all the dignities and decencies of the pedants.

  2. Rabelais ' grotesque realist fictions and culture of folk humor

  3. It was no mystery to me any longer why he and others ( dante, rabelais, van gogh, etc., etc. ) had made their pilgrimage to paris

  4. That our estimable game - keeper should have about him a touch of rabelais seems to make him more monstrous and shocking than a murderer like crippen. yet these people in tevershall are a loose lot, if one is to believe all accounts. the trouble is, however, the execrable bertha coutts has not confined herself to her own experiences and sufferings