黏合力 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [nián]
黏合力 英文
adhesive force
  • : 形容詞(像糨糊等那樣能使一個物體附著在另一物體上的性質, 同「粘」 ) sticky; glutinous
  • : 合量詞(容量單位) ge, a unit of dry measure for grain (=1 decilitre)
  • : Ⅰ名1 (力量; 能力) power; strength; ability; capacity 2 [物理學] (改變物體運動狀態的作用) forc...
  1. Performance for a piezoresistive transducer pressure sensor to thermal and pressure environments can be predicted by finite element method. a simplified 1 / 8 model, considering silicon dioxide and nitride process as well as stack anodic bonding and adhesive bonding processes, was developed. the fem results were found to be comparable to experimental data. case studies suggested that pyrex stack induces certain amount of non - linearity, while it isolates hard epoxy nonlinear effect. flexible epoxy bonding or soft adhesive bonding is preferred to the packaging process. the viscoelasticity and viscoplasticity of bonding material will result in hysteresis and drift errors to sensor output. however, soft adhesive s influence on sensor can be ignored under relative stable environments. more over, detailed design and process information will help to improve modeling application

    熱、壓環境下壓阻變換壓傳感器的性能可以通過有限元方法預測.這里研究了簡化的1 / 8模型,模型考慮了二氧化硅和氮化硅生成過程及堆陽極鍵和膠粘結過程.結果發現有限元預測結果和實驗數據具有可比性.範例研究表明,硼硅堆導致產生一定的非線性,但它隔離了硬環氧樹脂的非線性.在包裝過程中最好使用柔性環氧或軟膠性結.材料的彈性和塑性將會導致傳感器輸出的滯后和漂移誤差.然而,在相對穩定的環境下,軟劑對傳感器的影響可以忽略.此外,詳細的設計和過程信息有助於提高模型的適用性
  2. One school is a non - productive service organization, whose structure is loosely coupled and tightly coupled. and organizational culture is the " glue " that holds loosely coupled systems together

  3. Results : there was no significant effect on the stress distribution in the supporting tissue according to the different numbers of abutments at the central occlusion, and there was an evenly stress distribution in the abutment and alveolar membrane of the area around the missing teeth

  4. In this work, the effect of the physicochemical properties of aqueous hydroxypropyl - cellulose ( hpc ) binder solutions and different pharmaceutical excipients ( mannitol and anhydrous cahpo4 ) on the agglomeration kinetics and granule properties were inestigated

    在此項試驗中,對劑羥丙基纖維素( hpc )水溶液及不同藥用輔料(甘露醇和無水磷酸氫鈣)的理化性質對附聚動學和顆粒性質的影響進行了研究。
  5. On the basis of the important research project of the ministry of communications - the prevent and study of slope disaster in the project of beijing - zhuhai highway, the thesis developed the structure ' s design theory. in order to design more reasonable, the thesis propose the cohesion shear stress is unequal distribute at the anchorage zone. and it can be divided into two parts, the front function is uniform and the behind is exponential

  6. Carbon nanotubes would make ideal connecting wires in advanced circuits if not for the painstaking effort required to line up each tiny, sticky, floppy strand

  7. Composition, viscosity and interfacial tension are the most important effects that affect blends ' thermodynamic properties and crystal properties consequently change morphology of pp / ps blends

  8. It is particularly suitable for splicing tapes due to its high tack and quick stick properties

  9. A novel anticoagulative biomaterial which was prepared from modified graphite oxide and silicone rubber through solution intercalated reaction was synthesized, the excellent properties of the new type nanocomposites, such as good mechanical strength and blood compatibility, have been characterized by xrd, mechanical properties, adhesion of blood platelet test and the heparin release rate test

    摘要利用溶液插層法成了新型的硅橡膠氧化石墨十八烷基二甲基2 -羥乙基溴化銨肝素納米抗凝血復膜材料,並通過機械性能測試、 x射線衍射、血小板附試驗和肝素擴散速率測定實驗對復膜材料的學性能和血液相容性進行了表徵。
  10. Hydraulic binders. cement with limited sulphides content for use in prestressed concrete

  11. Lots of experiment results showed that proper pretreatments could reduce the negative influences of co binder phase in the substrates and improve the diamond nucleation and film adhesion, and this obtain ideal film quality

  12. Standard test method for rubber property - measurement of the viscous and elastic behavior of unvulcanized raw rubbers and rubber compounds by compression between parallel plates

  13. The company has more than 1000 setssuits of all kinds of industrial sewing machines, high - frequency tools, bartacker, thermal sealing machines and testing equipments and annual productivity of over 2 million piecessuits camps and over 1 million piecessuits of car ornaments. and it staffs about 800 employees, including 50 technicians and 80 quality inspectors

  14. Second, the iscosity, density, surface tension and size of the spray droplets of binder solutions with different hpc concentrations were determined and wetting characteristics of the binders on the excipients were measured

  15. The peak components in the pre segmentation image and the distance - transformation image were extracted by area reconstruction dome improved transform, and were fused to form markers image