rainbow songs 中文意思是什麼

rainbow songs 解釋
  • rainbow : 1 虹。2 〈美俚〉美妙的夢想。3 五彩藥片[藥丸]〈一種巴比妥類安眠藥〉(=rainbow pill) ( all the c...
  • songs : 歌曲集
  1. His representative works include : lyric tone poem china, my beloved mother ( for large choir and symphony orchestra ), the blue sky, the sun and the pursuit ( for female choir and band ), mixed choir rainbow after rain ), the passion of faraway traveler, symphonic works water lily, emotional expression for the south, and rapturous dancing in forest at night, art songs such as “ motherland, my kind mother ”, “ bridge ”, “ home ”, “ expectation ”, “ clouds and flowers ”, “ last dream ”, “ i love the land ”, and music for the tv series morning in shanghai

    主要作品有音樂抒情詩《中國,我可愛的母親? ?為大型合唱隊與交響樂隊而作》 《藍天?太陽與追求? ?為女聲合唱與樂隊而作》混聲合唱《雨後彩虹》 《遊子情思》交響音樂《睡蓮》 《南國抒情》 《夜林酣舞》藝術歌曲《祖國,慈祥的母親》 《橋》 《盼》 《彩雲與鮮花》 《最後一個夢》 《我愛這土地》及電視連續劇《上海的早晨》音樂等。