saturday review 中文意思是什麼

saturday review 解釋
  • saturday : n. 1. 星期六。2. 【猶太教】安息日。adv. -s 〈美國〉每星期六。
  • review : vt 1 再看,再閱,復閱;重行檢查,再驗查;檢查;審查,觀察。2 檢閱(軍隊)。3 評論(新書等)。4 溫...
  1. His articles on shakespeare in the saturday review were surely brilliant

  2. Beijing ( reuters ) - china ' s cnooc ltd. ( 0883. hk : quote, profile, research ) said on saturday its request to the u. s. government to review its plan to merge with oil and gas producer unocal corp. ( ucl. n : quote, profile, research ) was voluntary and aimed at clearing up doubts about the deal