squeeze treatment 中文意思是什麼

squeeze treatment 解釋
  • squeeze : vt 1 擠,壓,塞;壓出,擠出 (out; from)。2 壓迫,壓榨,剝削(老百姓);榨取;勒索,敲詐 (from...
  • treatment : n 待遇;作業;處理,處置;討論,論述;【醫學】治療,療法;(種子的)消毒(處理)。 preferential t...
  1. Primary medical treatment is sure to pay policy main provision have 3 : it is to plan as a whole fund and individual account want departure government, part business accounting, as a whole fund wants balance of income and expenses, must not squeeze take individual account ; 2 it is to want to plan as a whole clearly fund and individual account pay limits severally, the requirement is made as a whole a fu biao of fund allow and highest pay limitation, individual account basically is used at outpatient service ( ailment ) medical treatment expense, as a whole fund basically is used at be in hospital ( a serious illness ) medical treatment expense ; 3 it is to want strict limit the limits of insurance medicine service mixes primary medical treatment to allow to fu biao, main content includes restriction limits of facilities of scope of the limits using drug with primary safe medical treatment, project of diagnosis and treatment and service of medical treatment life, the medical treatment cost that exceeds medicine of insurance of this primary medical treatment to serve limits is not sure to fund medium - counts pays or can pay partly only in primary medical treatment