taormina 中文意思是什麼

taormina 解釋
  1. At 3342 meters, mount etna is the highest peak, and europe s largest active volcano. a number of small islands located around sicily are popular tourist resorts, the volcanic aeolian or lipari archipelago being the largest group. the extensive coastline ranges from rocky cliffs to sandy beaches, but sicily also offers other fascinating natural sights such as alcantara gorge near taormina, various caverns carburangeli near carini and others around sicily and on the surrounding islands, and the grey mud flows formed by sporadic geysers that give maccalube, near aragona, its moonlike appearance.

    一是首府帕勒摩palermo ,往近郊的monreale或segesto遺跡都很方便二是卡塔尼亞catania ,有南義米蘭之稱,義大利作曲家貝里尼出身此地,且北有陶美尼taormina小山城,南有薩拉庫撒siracusa三是阿格利真托agrigento ,神殿之谷絕對值得一訪,有諸神的居所的美稱。
  2. In proc. seventh international symposium on computers and communications, taormina - giardini naxos, italy, july 2002, pp. 43 - 48. 43 dyer t, boppana r. a comparison of tcp performance over three routing protocols for mobile ad hoc networks

  3. Adelmonte of taormina, in sicily, who has studied these national phenomena very profoundly. " it is quite frightful, but deeply interesting, " said the young lady, motionless with attention

    「這種事顯很可怕,但卻極其有趣, 」那青年女人說道,她聽得出神,身體一動都不動。