telecommunicatio 中文意思是什麼

telecommunicatio 解釋
  1. In 1996, by using wdm technique, te local fiber network, which belonging to jinzhong region post and telecommunicatio of sanxi prvince, have been upgraded. with the upgraded system, the feasbility, techinical project reaization and system running, which are related to both the digital telephone signal transmssion and high quality television signal transmission in an uniform fiber, have been demonstrated

    1996年完成山西晉中地區在光纖本地網上採用光波分復用( wdm )技術,實現同纖傳輸數字電話業務和高質量彩色電視信號的技術方案論證實施和開通。
  2. The report mentioned concer about the profitability of the company ' s third - generation ( 3g ) telecommunicatio networks in europe

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