uaac 中文意思是什麼

uaac 解釋
UAAC = Un-American Activities Committee 〈美國〉非美活動調查委員會。

  1. Most arcs hold non - profit or charitable status and they they are managed by practising artists. some arc associations are : u artist - run centres and collectives of ontario www. arcco. ca u the pacific association of artist run centres http : paarc. ca u regroupement des centres d artistes du qu bec www. rcaaq. rcaaq. org. training education : the highly respected canadian art schools are listed on the universities art association of canada web site : www. uaac - aauc. com

    藝廊/博物館/藝術家自行運作的藝術中心:經久不衰的眾多私人藝廊為全球的藝術品客戶提供了切身感受加拿大視覺藝術魅力的商業場所加拿大商業藝廊協會( art dealers association of canada , adac ) ( www . ad - ac . ca ) ,加拿大唯一一家代表私營商業藝廊和經紀人的全國性貿易協會。