uaw 中文意思是什麼

uaw 解釋
UAW = United Auto, Aircraft and Agricultural Implements Workers of America 美國汽車、飛機、農業機械工人聯合會。

  1. Our contract with the uaw covered tanks as well as cars.

  2. Chrysler will demand concessions from the uaw union, on health care in particular

    克萊斯勒將要求與美國汽車工人聯合會( uaw )聯盟作出讓步,特別是在員工醫療福利方面。
  3. Job security was the top issue for union members. the uaw is seeking to protect jobs in the united states and limit the number of temporary workers used by general moders

  4. Although reuther founded the uaw, they don't invoke his name very much these days.