ugt 中文意思是什麼

ugt 解釋
UGT, ugt= urgent 〈美國〉〈電報用語〉急電。

  1. Now transgenic cell lines that express the protein encoded by ugt gene were broadly used instead of liver microsomes. the enzyme expressed in cell lines helps to realize the function of a specific gene and will provide direct information related to the isozyme interested

    『為解決上述問題,國際上人們己經廣泛採用建立各種ugt轉基因細胞系的方式試驗,在明確基因構成的倩況下直接獲得由特定基因所表達的ugt同工酶, fi什對性地研究該酶對藥物的代謝作用。
  2. Liver is the main organ for drug metabolism, it nearly have all ugt isozymes