universal-joint bearing 中文意思是什麼

universal-joint bearing 解釋
  • universal : adj 1 宇宙的,萬有的,萬物的;完全的,絕對的;全世界的。 2 人類全體的,萬人的;全面的,普及的,普...
  • joint : n 1 接合,榫接合處,接合點。2 【解剖學】關節。3 【植物;植物學】節。4 【電學】接頭。5 【建築】接...
  • bearing : n 1 忍耐,忍受。2 態度,舉止,風采,姿態。3 關系,影響,方面,聯系 (on; upon); 意義。4 〈常 pl ...
  1. On the basis of kinematic analysis of the tripod universal joint, this paper analyses the motion errors of this system, which related to the manufacturing error, installation error, bearing clearance, and so on

  2. The result of study indicated preliminarily that as for the bal cage patterned constant speed universal joint, while the number of steel ball increased from 6 to 8, on account of the reduction of steel ball diameter, not only its outside dimension may cut down 12 %, its weight could get a reduction of nearly 20 %, but also the load bearing capacity of universal joint on the contrary could gain somewhat enhancement

    研究結果初步表明,對于球籠式等速萬向節,當鋼球數量由6增加為8時,由於鋼球直徑的減小,不但其外形尺寸可以減小12 % 、質量可以減少近20 % ,而且萬向節的承載能力反而可以得到少許提高。