v chip 中文意思是什麼

v chip 解釋

  • v :
  • chip : n 1 碎片,削片,薄片;碎屑;薄木片;無價值的東西。2 (陶器等的)缺損(處)。3 (賭博用)籌碼;〈p...
  1. It shows that the injection quantity and the difference of temperature distribute as a parabola which is at the same load, and the minimum of the parabola corresponds to the optimum quantity of injection ( g ). under the condition that the quantity of injected mass, the air speed and the heat quantity is respectively g, v and q, the research demonstrates that the pentium iv chip ' s temperature variation can be controlled under 40c and work normally when the wind speed overpass 1. 5m / s and the power dissipation of the chip is 60w. otherwise this paper calculates the flooding limit of thermosiphon with several different methods

    對其充灌量、散熱量、電子元件( cpu模擬晶元)表面與環境溫度之差及通風、流速的影響進行了系統的測試,發現充液量與溫差的關系在負荷不變時呈拋物線分佈,其極小值點對應的充液量是最佳充液量g 。在充液量為g時,對風速v 、散熱量q進行的研究表明,當風速超過1 . 5m / s后,奔騰晶元在60w發熱條件下晶元溫度小於40 ,能滿足長期正常工作。
  2. The load - control apparatus adopted a single - chip microcomputer system, whose mcu was a kind of high - speed processor - ds80c320, whose a / d switched apparatus was max180, whose low - pass filter was max293, whose f / v transformed circuit was lm331, whose controlled silicon phase - shift touch - off circuit was tca785, and whose communicating interface of rs232 was max202. the watchdog of the mcu was max705 and the system used an on - off electrical source to supply power

    球磨機負荷控制儀採用了單片機系統, mcu採用ds80c320高速處理器,採用max180作為md轉換器,低通濾波器為max293 , f v轉換電路利用lm331 ,可控硅移相觸發電路使用tca785 , rs232通信介面晶元採用max202 , mcu監控電路為max705 ,系統使用開關電源供電。
  3. In the course of design, we fully consider the actual conditions on the railway and take a series of corresponding measures to the concrete problem. such as we select high - accuracy microconvertor and have the converted function in succession data collecting system chip aduc812, design v / f circuit and external a / d circuit. in anti - interference of the hardware, we try to disperse each function module to avoid interfering each other, adopt photoelectric isolated technology to dispel the circuit connection of input and output. in controlling we import arithmetic mean into strain wave algorithm and real computing technology of virtual value for sample treatment of data, that is using the software to smooth away interfere error and to calculate actual value, thus it makes the precision of the data improve greatly

    在設計過程中,根據系統要求,充分考慮鐵路上的實際情況,針對具體問題採取了一系列的相應措施,如在器件選擇方面選用高精度microconvertor系列、具有adcdma連續轉換功能的數據採集微控制器晶元aduc812 ,設計了v f變換電路和外部a d轉換電路;在硬體抗干擾方面,將每個功能模塊盡量分散獨立開來以避免相互干擾、採用光電隔離技術消除輸入輸出通道上的電路聯系;在控制方面對于采樣數據的處理引入了算術平均值濾波演算法和真有效值的計算方法,即通過使用軟體來濾除系統中有干擾造成的誤差並計算真值,從而使數據的準確性得到極大地提高。
  4. “ also, i want a v - chip installed in every executive to block access to channels of negative thought

    「另外,我想在每一個執行者的大腦內裝一個v形晶元,阻止他們的一些負面想法。 」
  5. The hspice simulation result shows a temperature coefficient of 11 ppm / " c from - 40 ? to 100 ' c and output voltage variation of 1mv for supply voltage range from 8 v to 18 v. due to novel curvature compensation, the circuit structure of the proposed reference is simple and both chip area and power consumption are small

    Hspice模擬結果顯示:該基準源在- 40 100的溫度變化范圍內,具有11ppm的低溫度系數;當電源電壓在8 18v變化時,輸出電壓變化量僅為1mv ;並且電路結構簡單,具有較小的晶元面積和功耗。