vacuum canning 中文意思是什麼

vacuum canning 解釋

  • vacuum : n (pl vacuums vac ua )1 真空;空處,空虛,空白。2 〈美口〉吸塵器(= vacuum cleaner)。vi vt 〈...
  • canning : n. 坎寧〈姓氏〉。n. 〈美國〉罐頭製造業[法]。
  1. The plant is mainly engaged in producing medical, foodstuff and exported silicon rubber products including silicon rubber sealing rings for household distillatory, watering trough, water clarifier, shower set, electric cooker, canning of foodstuffs, vacuum flask and other products ; and producing medical silica gel bottle closure, bulb, disinfector, rubber blanket, hose, high temperature resistant silicon rubber sealing rings of every kind and other rubber products