yawing motion 中文意思是什麼

yawing motion 解釋
  • yawing : 擺頭運動
  • motion : n 1 運動 動 移動(opp rest)。2 (天體的)運行;(車、船等的)動搖;(機器的)開動 運轉;【機械工...
  1. Thirdly, based on the thought of motion - based ambiguity resolution, a bi - satellite attitude determination method using non - planar baselines is developed making full use of the satellites ’ geostationary property. focused on movement mode demands, the dissertation brings forward a method by large angle yawing movement accompanied with small angle pitch vibration to efficiently solve the rank deficiency problem of vehicle planar motion

  2. This paper studies optimal helicopter flight operations in the event one - engine failure. a three - dimensional point mass with a yawing motion of uh - 60a has been used to study rto and cto from an elevated heliport or from a heliport, a first order dynamic of the oei contingency power is considered. flight after engine failure are formulated as nonlinear optimal control problems

  3. The problem is then fed to a nonlinear programming routine to solve for all parameters. the flight dynamics model with yawing motion of uh - 60a is given, scale factors of state variables and control variables are applied based on the consideration of algorithm convergence. then, the optimization of trajectories is expressed as optimal control problem with a performance index constrained by helicopter performance limits, faa regulation and so on