中文拼音 [gàifēngxiǎnpíng]

  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (大略) general outline 2 (神氣) manner of carrying and conducting oneself; deportment ...
  • : 率名詞(比值) rate; ratio; proportion
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (空氣流動) wind 2 (風氣; 風俗) practice; atmosphere; custom 3 (景象) scene; view 4 ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (險惡不容易通過的地方) a place difficult of access; narrow pass; defile 2 (危險) dange...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1. (評論; 批評) comment; criticize; review 2. (評判) judge; appraise Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : 估構詞成分。
  • 概率: [數學] probability; chance概率論 probability theory; theory of chances; 概率曲線 probability curv...
  • 風險: risk; hazard; danger
  • 評估: estimate; assess; appraise


  1. So it plays an important role and demonstrates its unique advantages over other soil animals in the assessment of heavy metal contamination of environment ; this review first briefly summarizes some methodological systems and major parameters ( community structures, species character, survival, growth, reproduction, metallothionein, and enzyme ) used in the study of ecotoxicology and other related biomarkers in applying collembola in ecological risk assessment of polluted soils

    本文簡要述彈尾目昆蟲在污染土壤生態中、生態毒理學研究以及其他相關生物標志物研究上的一些方法體系及檢測主要指標參數(群落結構,種群特徵,生存,生長,繁殖,金屬硫蛋白和酶活指標) 。
  2. The first step, set a suit of index system for evaluation, taken all the risks through the construction and running process of logistics projects into account, and number the indexes by experts investigation. introduce an example and judge the risk levels by a team of experts, then evaluate the whole risk level of the project by fuzzy mathematics comprehensive judgment and get the result. the second step, analysis the economic risk qualitatively, forecast the profit of the certain logistics project, to find out the economic risk of the project by risk compensation way

  3. During the course of establishing this kind of system, we have adopted some advanced instruments and analyzing ways, and used var ( value at risk ) as the base of making models. we also have used regression and historical simulation to evaluate the risks existing during the course of commercial banks " operation, upgraded these ways to make them cooperate with china ' s economic practice, pointed out some indexes and concepts which have practical significance, expanded the academic fields, and connected the normal ways and practical ways together. in this thesis, we have paid more attention to the practical research

    在進行體系的構建過程中,本文充分借鑒了國外先進的研究工具和分析方法,以var ( valueatrisk )方法作為相關模型構建的數理基礎,採用了回歸分析、歷史模擬等系列研究工具,對我國商業銀行經營過程中的情況進行了跟蹤模擬與綜合測,並結合我國具體現實對所用方法進行了升級與改造,提出了一些具有較強使用價值的指標念,並在此基礎上進行了進一步的理論延伸,做到了規范研究與實證研究相結合,著重突出了現實意義。
  4. China marine oil spill contingency plan is now in the process of improvement. the inland waterway oil spill is another important area remain to be explored in term of increasing accident rate and booming shipping amount in yang tzi river. the need for inland waterway oil spill contingency plan is imperative. at strategic level, this paper compares several existing oil spill risk analysis methods including " historical date analysis " and " comparative risk indexes ", pointing out limitation of them, and then apply the " comparative risk indexes " approach to " river segment " spill risk analysis, developing " river segment oil spill comparative risk assessment framework " this paper also take new approach to collision and grounding in river by stochastic modeling tanker traffic in narrow waterway

    本文在內河溢油反應戰略規劃層次上,分析現有的溢油方法,包括歷史數據統計法和比較法,指出相關方法的適用性和局限性;基於長江下游水道採用「區段」和「河段」雙層的思路,提出「長江下遊河段比較溢油模式」 ;將馬爾科夫狀態轉移的思想應用到船舶運動描述中,從隨機過程角度分析船舶在水道中的運行和事故發生,得出船舶事故計算模型。
  5. Finally, the authors draw a conclusion about the feasibility of gap analysis and duration analysis