中文拼音 [xíngshì]
model bay

  • : 模名詞1. (模子) mould; pattern; matrix 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • 模型: 1 (仿製實物) model; pattern 2 (制砂型的工具) mould; pattern3 (模子) model set; mould patter...
  1. In view of bearing capacity of the elastoplastic theory analysis, the author made a comparison between the achieved bearing capacity limit load pi / 4 of round base ( space problem ) and the limit load pi / 4 of bar groundwork foundation design ( plane problem ) from soil mechanics at home and abroad as well as foundation criterion, and explained why the value of formula in present design criterion from soil mechanics is inclined to be conservative. in the light of the author ' s many years experience of vibration test on the spot and the research work of relevant projects, the author worked over the dynamic pile testing of the bearing capacity of foundation and batholith, and gathered the parameter of dynamic analysis and testing. the author also talked over the difficult point of pile foundation design criteria in present batholith engineering world, i. e. the confirmation of batholith bearing capacity of pile end, from the following aspects : a ) confirmation of single axis counter - pressure strength of rock in house ; b ) f. e. m calculation of elastoplastic model ; c ) calculation of soil mechanics ; d ) deep well load test

    然後,對巖土工程領域至今尚未解決,甚至不為人注意的考慮地基變形的地基承載力問題進行了實用化的探討,提出了考慮地基變形的地基承載力上程計算方法;對基於彈塑性理論分析的地基承載力國內尚未見報道的空間問題得到了圓形基礎(空間問題)的承載力界限荷載p _ ( 1 / 4 ) ,並與國內外土力學專著及地基基礎設計規范中的條形基礎(平面問題)的界限荷載p _ ( 1 / 4 ) ,進行了對比,從而定量上解釋了目前設計規范引用土力學承載力公式值偏於保守的這一情況;根據本文作者多年從事現場地基工程振動試驗及相關課題的研究工作,本文以截頭錐擬地基,對地基(巖基)承載力的動測法進行了研究,為各類地基(包括巖基) ,匯總了動力分析和檢測川的參數:針對日前巖土工程界應用樁基設計規范中的難點? ?樁端巖基承載力的確定問題,從巖石內單軸抗壓強度確定、基於彈塑性的有限單元法計算、土力學計算及深斤載荷試驗四方面進行了深入討論;本文作者根據多年現場載荷試驗的工程實踐,對深井荷試驗裝置的核心部分? ?反力裝置,設計了側壁支撐反力加載系統,該加載系統具有實用、簡便、穩定及安個等優點。
  2. The main contents are as follows. ( 1 ) filter cloth and the surrounding soil mass are taken as an approximate isotropy in horizontal section, the relationship of stress and strain is studied, the anisotropy is fully considered, the constitutive model of filter cloth reinforcement fly - ash compound is obtained, it is tested with numerous indoor experiments. ( 2 ) the permeable coefficient is introduced into the constitutive relationship of soil mass with relevant seepage theory ( kozeny - carman experience formula ). the test of filter cloth depositing hi the condition of long term seepage flow is done hi the dissertation, the varying regular of permeable coefficient without pressure is presented

    本文首先對國內外的研究現狀作了回顧和總結,然後主要針對土工織物加筋粉煤灰復合體的本構關系和計算理論進行研究,主要內容有: ( 1 )將土工織物和周圍土體視為一種近似的彈性非線性橫觀各向同性體,研究它的應力應變關系,充分考慮它的各向異性,得到土工織物加筋粉煤灰復合體的本構,然後通過大量內試驗進行分析驗證; ( 2 )引入有關滲流理論,即柯茲尼-卡爾曼( kozeny - carman )經驗公式,將滲透系數引進到土體本構關系中。
  3. According to these problems, we adopt to the method of mending material, optimize to fermentation media and partly ferment condition. finally, we excogitate a kind of fermentation technology that is suitable for target gene efficiency expressed and is advantageous of product purified. with the plasmid pbv220 - ifnr, pbv220 - hgfa, pbv220 - hgfb, pbv220 - hpk5 that expresses serve as the model, adopting the biostat - c15l of b. braun company, utilize the method of mending material to ferment, through optimization fermentation media and optimization partly ferment condition ( ventilate quantity, stir speed, mend material speed ), eventually establishment a kind of fermentation technology that is suitable for target gene efficiency expressed and is advantageous of product purified

    以我構建並穩定表達的重組質粒pbv220 - - ifn 、 pbv220 - hgf 、 pbv220 - hgf 、 pbv220 - hpk5為,分別從不同的表達宿主菌中篩選出一種適合大規生產的菌種bl21 ( de3 ) ,該工程菌株連續傳代100代表達質粒不丟失,表達量穩定;採用b . braun公司的biostat - c15l自控發酵罐,運用分批補料技術分別進行四種工程菌的高密度發酵,通過優化工程菌發酵的培養基配方及優化部分發酵條件(通氣量、攪拌速度、補料速度) ,最終建立一種適于目的基因高效表達的高密度發酵工藝式。
  4. And due to the heat expansile coefficient of the stainless steel rather high, the connecting force between the stainless steel pipe and the pipe coupling in the room temperature is much less than that between the titanium alloy pipe and the pipe coupling. the results accord with the tensile experiments well. finally, the dependence of dimensions of the coupling on the strength of the connector system is analyzed

  5. On construction of virtual model lab for engineering drawing