中文拼音 [chāodejiàjuébiāo]
award over ceiling price

  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (越過; 高出) exceed; surpass; overtake 2 (在某個范圍以外; 不受限制) transcend; go beyo...
  • : 底助詞(用在定語后, 表示定語和中心詞之間是領屬關系, 現在多寫作「的」)
  • : 名詞1. (價格) price 2. (價值) value 3. [化學] (化合價) valence
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (作出主張; 決定) decide; determine 2 (執行死刑; 殺死) execute a person 3 (裂開; 斷開...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 [書面語] (樹梢) treetop; the tip of a tree2 (枝節或表面) symptom; outside appearance; ...
  • 決標: await of bid


  1. In our future real right law, there should be some limitations to the open objects, hut nor the open contents in the property register of immovables ; lawsuit time limit should not he applied to return protoplast right of applicant ; we had better constitute positive prescription system ; powerless punish should not affect the force of contracts when the endorser has no right, but the transferee is well - meaning ; there should be proper toleration to the unanimous consent principle on punishing mutual thing ; we should prohibit mortgaging to some movable property which has no way to open ; there should not be the time limitation when mortgager realizes the hypothec after the fulfilling tern ; of primary creditor ' s rights is over, except that mortgager is not the debtor ; when the debtor do not refund the debt, the mortgager cannot get the guaranty directly, but he may put in for the court to auction guaranty

  2. This method introduced in this paper not only solves many problems that can not be solved by fuzzy mathematics and classical mathematics, but also makes the assessment results more objective and accurate. besides, it can express the assessment results with quantitative values ; therefore it can show the level of the product integrated performance indexes more completely, which improves the assessment ' s support effects on the design process

  3. ( 4 ) the dike breach risk of the south bank is relative higher in wandering reaches. ( 5 ) the dike breach risk of the north bank is higher than the south bank in winding reaches. simultaneously, the evaluation results manifest that the evaluation indexes system established from the locomotion of incoming water and sediment load, the regional crustal stability, the evolvement of river regime and the stability of river dikes, can reflect the actual situation of hang river in the lower yellow river more fully

  4. Based on analysis of hang river ' s actuality in the lower yellow river and researches related with evaluation of dike breach risk, it is put forward that the influencing factors of hang river dike beach risk in the lower yellow river should involve 4 aspects, the locomotion of incoming water and sediment load, the regional crustal stability, the evolvement of river regime and the stability of river dikes. the evaluation indexes system of hang river dike breach risk and uniform synthetic model are established from the 4 aspects. with the support of gis technology, the evaluation indexes system and the model of multi - hierarchical fuzzy synthetic judgment are applied to estimating the dike beach risk of hang river in the lower yellow river under different flood conditions

  5. We have developed the products after integrating the advantages and shortcomings of various technology and practical application, which completely solve such identification problems as long - distance, big flow, anti - jamming, lowest power consumption and objectives of fast moving and reduces the cost