中文拼音 [miàndiàndǎo]
surface conductivity

  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (頭的前部; 臉) face 2 (物體的表面) surface; top 3 (外露的一層或正面) outside; the ri...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (有電荷存在和電荷變化的現象) electricity 2 (電報) telegram; cable Ⅱ動詞1 (觸電) give...
  • : 動詞1. (引導) lead; guide 2. (傳導) transmit; conduct 3. (開導) instruct; teach; give guidance to
  • : 率名詞(比值) rate; ratio; proportion


  1. Piezoelectric sensors, commonly known as quartz crystal microbalance, are sensitive to multiple signals such as the surface mass and the viscosity, density, dielectric effect, conductivity of the liquid

  2. The sort, material composite, structure properties and conduction mechanisms of eca ( electrical conductive adhesive ) were discussed in this paper. then three types of ega specimens were designed and made, on which temperature cycles test from - 55 ? to + 125 ? and thermal aging at + 125 ? were carried out. changes of the adhesive strength, eca ' s bulk resistance and contact resistance under the environment stress were summarized and a detailed evaluation on these specimens was given

    本文在全闡述膠的分類組成、物理結構、機理的基礎上,設計並製作了三批膠樣品,通過對樣品進行長時間的- 55 ? ? + 125溫度循環和125高溫存儲試驗,總結了膠粘接強度、體阻和接觸阻在環境應力下的變化規律,對三類樣品的長期可靠性做出了全的評價,並結合和「穿流閾值」的計算機模擬,給出了提高膠可靠性和的建議,介紹了國內外在高高可靠性膠研製方的一些最新進展。
  3. The questions the researcher concerned are which system will be chosen and how to obtain the good lithium ionic conductor materials, which is the basic departure of the paper. the addition of second phase in composite can change the interface structure and the conduction mechanism, improve the matrix conductivity and other function such as the sintering, crisping and so on, so the research of composites are an interesting field of the ionic conductors. the synthesis of lithium ionic conductor is often by solid state reaction, but this method needs high temperature and leads to the volatility of lithium which not only causes the drift of the compounds but gets the no well - distributed materials

  4. In this paper, pure and doped ktp crystals were grown from the flux using a top - seeded method, and special technique have been used to lower the electrical conductivity to three orders of magnitude than common flux ktp, the values is up to 10 - 10 ( cm ) - 1, this overcame the shortcoming that common flux ktp cannot be used in e - o application field because of having higher electrical conductivity. the growth condition, doped elements and annealing technology were investigated. single crystals of ktp with high quality and big z - cut cross section were obtained by optimizing the parameter of crystal growth

    本實驗採用頂部籽晶熔劑法生長了純的以及不同摻雜的ktp晶體,用特殊工藝處理技術將普通熔劑法ktp的降低了三個數量級,達到了10 ~ ( - 10 ) ( cm ) ~ ( - 1 ) ,解決了普通熔劑法ktp晶體由於離子太大而無法用於光應用領域的困難;對ktp晶體的生長條件、摻雜元素以及退火工藝等進行了研究,通過優化生長工藝技術參數,突破了工藝技術生長難關,得到了高光學均勻性、具有大z切的ktp單晶。
  5. Recent years, the using of piezoelectric sensors becomes a focus in novel biosensors research. the basic principle is that the characters of its oscillation are highly responded with the changes of the surface mass adsorption, or the physic characters in the reaction system including density, viscosity, conductivity and so on. a piezoelectric biosensor with a nanogram sensitivity could be constructed through a reasonable biological processing and structure designing to the piezoelectric quartz crystal