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  • apparent: adj. 1. 明顯的,顯而易見的 (to)。2. 貌似的;表面的,外觀上的。3. 【物理學】表觀的;視在的,外顯的。adv. -ly 顯然地,表面上。
  • elastic: adj. 1. 有彈力[彈性]的。2. 伸縮自如的,靈活的。3. 機變的,輕快的。n. 橡皮線,松緊帶,橡皮圈。adv. -ally
  • range: vt 1 排列;整理(頭發等)。2 使歸類[班、行、隊];把…分類。3 〈用被動形或反身形〉加入,站住…的一邊...

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  1. Traditionally, loads of the arc gate are applied on the support or gate frusta as a set of concentrated load, but the effect range of such load on the frusta cannot be solved by material mechanics and structure mechanics. most of the load cases are fulfilled through optic - elastic test

  2. Tian shan extends east - west in central asia, the tian shan range was formed in later paleozoic, and a few intramontan basins appeared in mesozoic. it uplifetd again in early miocene because of the north - south compression induced by the india - asia collision, so many active structures can be found in tian shan. active tectonics took actions during last ten thousands yeas, and surface traces of fault scarps, detached gullies and folds in alluvial deposit are apparent, so it is easy to distinguish them from other geological phenomema

  3. The in - plane equivalent elastic modulus and tensile strength of stitched composite laminates are studied, and it ' s found that the in - plane equivalent elastic modulus decreases with the increase of stitch density, stitch thread diameter, maximal misalignment angle and the distortion width, and the range is about 5 %. the tensile strength of stitched composite laminate increases with the increase of stitch step and decreases with the stitch space. the

    研究結果表明:隨著縫紉密度、縫紉線直徑、最大纖維偏轉角和縫紉變形區寬度的增加,縫紉復合材料層合板面內等效模量逐漸降低,最大降幅一般在5 %左右;縫紉復合材料層合板的拉伸強度隨縫紉針距的增加而增大,隨縫紉行距的增加而降低,因此縫紉密度對拉伸強度的影響程度要看具體的縫紉針距和行距。
  4. The apparent activation volume calculated by the model is about 2500a3, which was ten times larger than that of usual amorphous alloy and was at the same range of the amorphous polymer. the model shows the main deformation mechanism of nanocrystalline ag is grain boundary sliding, which in some extent declares the similar forms of equation with amorphous alloys. with the ananlysis to the hrem of nanocrystalline ag, the discrepancy of the apparent activation volume between the nanocrystalline ag and amorphous alloys is interpreted by the loss of atoms participating in grain boundary sliding without enough reconstruction by the movement of atoms under the low temperature

    運用晶界滑移的熱激活理論對壓縮實驗結果進行了數值擬合,擬合曲線與實驗數據符合很好,得到了晶界滑移的表觀激活體積(熱激活基本單位體積與局域瞬態應變的乘積) ,約為2500a ~ 3 ,先當于幾十個原子體積大小的瞬態變化,約為非晶合金的10倍以上,與非晶高聚物的表觀激活體積相當。
  5. Stresses in the elastic range