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  • architecture: n. 1. 建築學。2. 建築(樣式、風格);建築物。3. 構造,結構;【自動化】(電子計算機的)架構,體系結構。
  • drawing: n 1 延引,牽引;引誘。2 抽簽;拈鬮。3 【機械工程】拔絲;沖壓成形。4 描畫,制圖;圖,圖形;素描;...

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  1. Now, china cities are in a phase of accelerative development, but the thoughts of architecture design is facing to pinch

  2. Abstract : the colored drawing, which is one of the important decorative arts in chinese garden architecture, is applied to garden architecture widely

  3. The courses include politics, chinese, mathematics, english, information technology and application, physical education and health care, art appreciation, mechanical drafting, land laws, architectural drawing, land economy, ecology and environment, land measurement, land resources, microsoft office, land planning, overview of architecture, management of real estates, modern estate management, construction land, land statistics, etc

  4. From the experience of perspective drawing in architecture and industrial design, it can explore an available perspective drawing system fit for animation. it will standardize the process of animation company, so it will drive the whole animation industry in great progress

  5. The building is a british architectural design, drawing references from the edwardian period, and representing hong kong architecture in the first decade of the century. it was transformed to suit tropical conditions, with expansive balconies and well - placed windows to encourage cross - ventilation