arsenic containing alloy中文意思是什麼

arsenic containing alloy解釋

  • arsenic: n. 【化學】砷,信石,砒霜。adj. 砷的。 arsenic acid 砷酸。 white arsenic 砒霜。
  • containing: 包含,容納,含有的,包含的,封閉的
  • alloy: n 1 合金。2 (合金中的)劣等金屬。3 (金銀的)成色,成份。4 〈比喻〉攙雜品。vt 1 合鑄,熔合(金屬...

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  1. Study on ti anode with iro2 - ta2o5 coating containing platinum - tistanium alloy intermedium

  2. The main reasons causing increased chilling tendency of nodular iron are as follows : using metal charge containing trace and alloy elements which can increase chilling tendency ; molten iron being holded at high temperature too long ; abnormal nodularizing and / or inoculation treatment, as well as abnormal composition control

  3. Aluminium has effect on the magnesium ’ s flame - resisting, and the higher containing of the aluminium in the alloy can bring about much better effect. but the aluminium ’ s effect is limited, and it can ’ t ensure magnesium ’ s melten safely in the atmosphere

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  5. Standard specification for steel bars, alloy, hot - wrought, for elevated temperature or pressure - containing parts, or both