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  • battery: n 1 炮兵連[營,中隊];(軍艦上的)炮組,炮列;炮臺;炮(兵)陣(地);(炮的)待發射狀態。2 (金...
  • light: n 1 光,光線;光明,亮光 (opp darkness) Hang the picture in a good light 把那幅畫掛在能看清楚的...
  • kit: n 1 〈方言〉木桶;(盛魚、奶油等的)小桶。2 成套工具[用具、物件、器材、設備];整套配件。3 【軍事...

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  1. The combined toy as right request 3 stated, whose character is : the electronic components electrically or electromagnetically connected with the iron stick or the magnet stick can be resistor, capacitor, inductor, battery, switch, diode, audion, ic ( integrated circuit ), motor, led ( light - emitting diode ), infrared ray receiver, sound circuit and instrument

  2. The cleaning cars has seven major characteristics : 1, the vehicle design aesthetic appearance generous, simple, flexible cleaner compact cab from the sanitation workers in the rain, snow and inclement weather operations headaches ; 2, jia lu cleaning electric car gearbox is my companys patented products, latin america is characterized by heavy goods, light down - climbing and extended battery life ; 3, jia lu electric bicycle bridge cleaning car brake, the company is a patent product, is characterized by simple structure, convenient operation, maintenance easier, better braking performance ; 4, good deer electric car cleaning dustbins with low human workers the high - school, so that sanitation workers can easily handling, reversing a good sight, and reduce incidents, high safety factor ; 5, good deer electric cleaning trucks advanced electric power putter as a dump, the sanitation workers to reduce labor intensity, is characterized by fewer power failures, maintenance - free ; 6, jia lu electric vehicle using toughened glass cleaning cars, advance reversing have good vision, difficult to scratch and ensure the safety of sanitation workers ; 7, good deer by external electric car cleaning plate, a fiberglass liner internal, external characteristics : hinge not on the plate yi loose, often not dump deformation and withstand collisions, the internal use of fiberglass liner, not rust, corrosion, wear after the liner can be replaced, maintaining low cost

    該保潔車有七大特點: 1 、該車外型設計美觀大方,操作簡單靈活,明凈小巧的駕駛室免除了環衛工人在雨雪等惡劣天氣作業時的煩惱; 2 、佳鹿電動保潔車變速箱是我公司的專利產品,特點是拉重貨,輕松爬坡而且省電,延長電瓶的使用壽命; 3 、佳鹿電動保潔車后橋雙輪制動,是我公司的專利產品,特點是結構簡單,操作方便,維修容易,制動性能好; 4 、佳鹿電動保潔車超低的垃圾箱符合人體工程學的高度,使環衛工人能輕松地裝卸,倒車時具有良好的視線,減少事故的發生,安全系數高; 5 、佳鹿電動保潔車採用先進的電動推桿作為自卸動力,減輕了環衛工人的勞動強度,特點是故障少功率大,免維護; 6 、佳鹿電動保潔車整車採用鋼化玻璃,前進倒車都有良好的視線,不易劃傷,保證環衛工人的安全; 7 、佳鹿電動保潔車外部採用鋼板,內部採用玻璃鋼內膽,外部特點:鉸鏈在鋼板上不易松動,經常自卸不變形,經得起碰撞,內部採用玻璃鋼內膽,不生銹、不腐蝕,磨損后內膽可以更換,維護成本低。
  3. Defa group is comprised of several fields like automotive ( engine heaters, interior heaters and battery charges for cars and trucks ) ; security ( alarm and tracking systems for cars, trucks, motorbikes and boats ) and lighting ( tunnel light, street light, flood light and other decorative light products )

  4. According to the report of the trial, both lpg and electric light buses are suitable for use in hong kong. however, electric light buses might have to be confined to shorter routes because of battery constraints

  5. This lamp is the sources of energy with monocrystalline silicon solar energy cell or polycrystalline silicon solar energy cell ; the storage battery is nickel hydrogen battery or nickel cadmium battery ; that lamp holder and the lamp pole adopts casts aluminium or the stainless steel material manufacturing ; the lampcover adopts the toughened glass manufacturing, and the light source is the light source with high brightness led ' s light emitting diode ; the colour can be divided into the white and yellow, redness, orange, green and blue and seven colours become light