CA =chlormadinone 氯地孕酮〈避孕藥〉。


    1. The local directional drilling is just staring in terrane, the equipments and the technologies ca n ' t satisfy far and far the spot construction needs, according to current circumstance and considing the existed equipments, the author put forward drilling by air hammer in terrane, having designed compounded - drilling tools, and recommended technology parameters. producing experiments have obtained good achievements in economic and in techniques

    2. When measuring the magneto performance parameter , we find that the instrument which use to measure voltage and current is still the simple voltmeter and amperemeter in the national standard , and the form of wave that we observed is anomaly. based on the measure principles, it obviously ca n ' t be used to do quantitative analysis ; because the discharge process of ignition system is quite complex, accompanies with very strong electromagnetism interference, and the ignition current and voltage are variable , it make the measure of ignition energy become a difficult thing of ignition system performance detection

    3. Our country treats all districts equally without discrimination, adopts the unified financial policy, so it ca n ' t raise the anticipant result

    4. Alternatively, the continental collision models postulated that the ncc consists of two archean blocks ( the eastern and the western ), separated by ca. 1800 ma proterozoic erogenic belt

      而大陸碰撞拼合模型認為華北陸塊東部帶和西部帶於1870 - 1800ma沿中部帶碰撞拼合, 1800 - 1750ma左右發生強烈的碰撞后伸展作用。
    5. By sister initiate susan barney, san jose, ca, u. s. a