音標 ['kæbinit]
n. 名詞 1. 〈常作 C-〉內閣;〈英國〉內閣會議(室);〈美國〉總統[州長、市長]顧問團。
2. 小房間,私室,密議室。
3. 陳列室;(礦物、生物、古錢幣等)陳列品。
4. 飾架,珍品櫥,櫃,箱,盒;【物理學】(機)箱。
5. 【攝影】六英寸片。
adj. 形容詞 1. 內閣的,秘密的。
2. 小房間用的;小巧的,玲瓏的。
3. 細木工做的。
4. (相片)六英寸的。


    1. The nanjing day tan oak domestic electric appliances limited company, is engaged in yu youyan machine, the fuel gas stove has, the fuel gaswater heater, the electric boiler, the electricity air bath, disinfects the cabinet, the electromagnetism stove and so on the smallelectrical appliances production and the sale operates privately thelimited liability company, the product proliferates area and so onmainland china and southeast asia has an experience rich technologyabundant outstanding team, has the specialty private enterprisemanagerial talent and control system day ke ren understood sets upthe brand, fully displays the team spirit, my si dingbi the takedivision of labor and cooperation, the superiority supplementary, resources sharing, the reciprocal benefit mutual benefit as aprinciple, provides extremely has the market competition strength bymight and main for the collaborator the product our objective is : development, innovation, prestige, highly effective, enterprising, strives for realism, development, quality

    2. We supply kinds of gaoli board, huali board, autotype, uv panel, pvc panel, which fit for the need of decorated material of many style of cabinet, bureau, door, furniture

    3. The previous cabinet went out of power in 1989.

    4. The stupid cabinet council has to proceed.

      愚蠢的內閣會議還得繼續. .
    5. The stupid cabinet council has to proceed