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  • chemical: adj 化學的,化學作用的;應用化學的,用化學方法獲得的。n 〈常 pl 〉化學製品;藥品。 fine chemicals...
  • transmission: n 遞送;傳遞;傳達;傳染;移轉;【機械工程】傳動;傳遞;變速器;聯動機件;【無線電】傳送;發射;...
  • synapse: n. 【解剖學】突觸,(神經元的)觸處。

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  1. A chemical compound called a neurotransmitter, released by one neuron, travels across the small intercellular gap, or synapse, to interact with another cell

    一神經原放出的一種叫神經原傳達體的化學混合物,通過小小的細胞間隙(神經鍵) ,與另一細胞交互作用。
  2. The products inside sleek, not sense, the transmission fluid resistance small, can increase the flow and excellent chemical stability, health, drug - free

  3. The companys products mainly meet the demand from power transmission fields and widely be used in the multiple industry such as logistics, storage, steel, metallurgy, rubber and plastic, food, beverage, construction, print, packing, hoist, textile, chemical industry and environment protection

  4. On the other hand, because of transmission process, large - lag links and complicated on - line analyzer etc, a large number of industrial processes ( in metal engineering, chemical engineering systems, biomedical systems and so on ) can be modeled as time - delay systems. the stability and performance are always dominated by delay phenomena, so the study of delay systems always attracts considerable atten tion in the control theory literature

  5. The synthesis process of single - wall carbon nanotubes ( swnts ) by catalytically chemical vapor deposition ( ccvd ) was investigated and the product was characterized with transmission electron microscopy ( tem ), electron diffraction ( ed ), electron dispersive spectra ( eds ) and raman scattering spectra etc. pyrolysis of methane over solid catalysts prepared with impregnation, ion - adsorption precipitation, and sol - gel technique can all lead to the growth of swnts

    本文研究了單壁納米碳管的化學氣相沉積法( cvd )制備工藝,並運用透射電子顯微鏡( tem ) 、 x - ray能譜( eds )與喇曼( raman )光譜等分析手段,對產物及催化劑進行了表徵。採用浸漬法、吸附沉澱法與溶膠凝膠法等制備了催化劑,併合成了單壁納米碳管。