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  • collapse: vi 1 (屋頂等)倒塌,塌下;(政府等)崩潰,瓦解。2 (價格等)暴跌;(計劃等)失敗;(身體、健康等...
  • controller: n 1 管理人,主管人。2 (會計的)主計人,檢查員;〈英國〉(特指宮廷、海軍等的)出納官〈常作 comptr...

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  1. Wind energy conversion system is a complicated field refers to electrical machine, power electronic, electrochemistry, material, mechanics, aerodynamics, computer, automation, aerography and etc. following the increasing demand of electric power and environmental protection all over the world, it is important to exploit the renewable and clean energy sources. this dissertation mainly aims at modeling and controlling each part of wecs and simulating the system response under different disturbances to develop a suitable controller

  2. The controller has one channel switching value alarm signal

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    42 - 015p型自動防滯剎車控制器測試儀
  4. Announce according to top people court " about hearing person damages case applicable law the explanation of a certain number of problems " regulation, road, bridge, channel wait for what build artificially to because safeguard, build thing, administrative flaw sends a person to damage ; pile up article boils fall, slide or pile up content collapse sends a person to damage ; arboreous dump, break off or fructification falls send what the person damages to perhaps manage a person to assume liability to pay compensation by everybody, but the exception that can prove oneself do not have fault

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