consumption of yang qi中文意思是什麼

consumption of yang qi解釋

  • consumption: n. 1. 消費(量);消盡,消耗,滅絕。2. 【醫學】結核病;癆病,肺癆 (=pulmonary consumption)。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • yang: (漢)(中國古代哲學認為存在於宇宙萬物間的兩大對立面之一,跟「陰」相對)陽
  • qi: n. 〈漢語〉 氣。

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  1. Consumption of alcoholic drinks increases the toxic effect.

  2. The consumption of aspirin has increased enormously in america.

  3. Although diseases are various and clinical manifestations are complicated, pathogenesis, in general, involves no more than such factors as superabundance or decline of healthy qi and pathogenic factors, imbalance between yin and yang, disorder of qi and blood as well as dysfunction of the viscera and meridians

  4. With the analysis that the year was divided from two seasons to four seasons, this article probes the order of universal come - to - be of the taiyishengshui : at first, the order of sishi was not such as spring - summer - autumn - winter, but as winter - spring - summer - autumn ; the second, with promoting in universal come - to - be, the yin - qi was regarded as dominating in winter - spring, and the yang - qi dominating in summer - autumn ; the third, that the yin - qi came from sky and the yang - qi from the earth is a important characteristic of early taoist cosmology

  5. The reason first is inadequent of yang qi, then the qi stagnant, and blood block following, all these character result in the veins stagnant, the blood sluggish, so the pain happened