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  • stability: n. 1. 穩定,穩定性,穩度。2. (船等的)復原力。3. 鞏固;堅定,持久不變。
  • curve: n 1 曲線;彎曲;彎曲物。2 曲線規 (=French curve);【機械工程】曲線板;【棒球】曲線球;【統計學...

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  1. Using the thermodynamic conditions describing the coexistence of two phases and the stability conditions of equilibrium state, we have calculated the normalized temperature and the normalized pressure of the triple point ( t1, p1 ), the melting curve, vapouring curve and the sublimation curve. the whole phase diagram of the 2d monatomic l - j system is obtained

    和杜宜瑾等人的方法類似,我們先給出了系統在相變點時的一些參數的數值,在此基礎上,考慮占據率q的因素,利用相平衡的熱力學條件及平衡態的穩定性條件,得到了二維單元l - j系統的熔化曲線、汽化曲線、升華曲線以及三相點的位置,從而給出了該系統的完整的三相圖。
  2. It is shown in the simulation that sliding mode control can guarantee the stability and robustness while vehicle is braking even if abs operates at the instability region of the adhesion coefficient and wheel slip curve or the surface condition changes, which is better than the pid control and nonlinear pid control

  3. In the processing of the numerical simulation of lrv dynamics, knowing from the creepages of irw first, wheel profile has sensitive effect on irw creepages, so the wheel profile should be selected cautiously to optimal the vehicle dynamic behaviors. next, the longitudinally creep force is disappeared, so the self - oscillation vvill do n ' t occur and the bogie is stability. while the natural steering action of vheelset is lost which means that some sort of steering action is necessary to keep the wheelset appropriately aligned on a curve

  4. Finally, the photovoltaic characteristics of polyaniline are also investigated. the voltage - current curve, the relationship of light intensity and open voltage and short current and stability of polyaniline heterojunction solar cells are tested, the various effect factors on polyaniline heterojunction are discussed as well, and some result that are never reported in published paper have been acquired

    利用聚苯胺和復合材料與n型硅制備出了有機p - n異質結太陽電池,對電池的伏安特性、開路電壓、短路電流和穩定性進行了測試,對電池的機理進行了初步探討,分析了影響聚苯胺p - n異質結電池特性的各種因素。
  5. After the comparison of the stability checking computations and the section categorised situation both at home and abroad the current standard, some problems was discussed in the standard of our country. contraposed these questions, the paper computed the space stability coefficient of some general t - shaped and l - shaped sections and all the sections of t - shaped, l - shaped and 2 - angle iron t - shaped in the formed - steel - table, and worked out the curves. according to the comparison of the curves the paper got and the curve in the standard, some simple conclusions was put

    對國內外現行規范軸壓柱穩定驗算方法及柱子曲線截面分類情況進行了對比,討論了我國規范曲線中存在的一些問題,並針對這些問題,以規范初始彎曲值對任意「 t 」形和「 l 」形截面和型鋼表中所有t型鋼、 l型鋼、雙角鋼t形鋼截面的空間穩定系數進行了計算,作出其與規范曲線的比較圖,通過計算結果的分析對各類截面歸類情況作了簡單的評述,其中提出的一些建議可以作為規范修訂的參考依據;同時,這些計算結果也進一步證明了本文的柱子空間穩定分析方法的正確性。