da capo中文意思是什麼

da capo解釋
〈義大利語〉 【音樂】從頭(重復一遍)〈略作 D. C. 〉。

  • da: n. 〈口語〉 = dad.
  • capo: n. (pl. -pos) 【音樂】(吉他等的)品柱。n. 〈美俚〉(黑手黨等犯罪集團分支機構的)頭目。

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  1. A rich merchant, cheung tin, went to u. s. for his work after his marriage and when he comes back to his home, he met his already grown up, agrestic da.

    祖為人愛面子,不介意酬勞低但要銜頭高,初時並不著力為寧包裝,使寧的形象古. .
  2. Will stethoscopic wall of bosom of the area before be being put to the heart, audibility every normal cardiac cycle by " dong ", " da " two composition

    將聽診器放至心前區胸壁,可聽到每個正常心動周期由「咚「 、 「噠「兩聲組成。
  3. Bennie ' s going to the da right now, not even waiting

  4. You see ? you call the goose, and ba - da - bing

  5. He agreed. so i drove him up to a place called capo by the sea, which was a recovery center and we checked him in