da chao xun zhi ye中文意思是什麼

da chao xun zhi ye解釋

  • da: n. 〈口語〉 = dad.
  • chao: 操
  • ye: pron 〈pl 〉〈古、詩、方〉 thou 的復數。 ★現在有下列幾種用例:(1)〈詩、謔〉〈呼喚〉 Ye gods (a...

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  5. Attending the opening ceremony included major general zhao da sheng, president of the academic of military medical sciences ; professor lee cheuk yu, sub dean of the faculty of medicine, the chinese university of hong kong, professor wang yi fei, regional manager of human reproduction who ; professor ye xin sheng, director of life science division, natural science foundation of china ( nsfc ) and representative of beijing science & technology commission