dilatometric study中文意思是什麼

dilatometric study解釋

  • dilatometric: 膨脹測定的
  • study: n 1 用功,勤學;〈常 pl 〉學習;研究 (of); 研究對象;研究項目;值得研究的問題;學問,學業,學科...

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  1. Second, at three criterion, regulation of diary life, working rules, law. resocialization level are difference and can be measured bythree terms. cognition, abidance and indentity. third part, the factors inflence resocialization of peasantsin city have been devided into objective factors and subject factors before detail analysis. amony objective factors, income actsthe most important role, while the communication media take the first place amony subjective factors. the last part of this paper comes the mainconclusion of the study, the problem remains to be resolved and further research should be conducted

  2. Study on numerical simulation of laser ablation

  3. Contrast study on cause of visual abnormity of preschool children

  4. Study on behavioral problems of the abortive junior middle school students

  5. More comrades will be sent to study abroad.