dissimilar joint action中文意思是什麼

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  • dissimilar: adj. 不同的,不一樣的 (to; from; with)。 The end would be dissimilar to the beginning. 結局將不同於開始。adv. -ly
  • joint: n 1 接合,榫接合處,接合點。2 【解剖學】關節。3 【植物;植物學】節。4 【電學】接頭。5 【建築】接...
  • action: n 1 動作,活動;行為,行動。 ★ act 指一次所作的行為;action 雖與 act 同義,但多半指某一期間內出現...

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  1. We were always too divided among ourselves to take any joint action.

  2. Visible, myopia is heredity and environment the result of joint action

  3. Joint action of 5 synergists with 3 insecticides against spodoptera exigua bner

  4. According to the theories of the energy dissipation of wave - water and sediment movement and based on the bottom sediment load formula developed by dou guoren, a formula to calculate the transport of the bottom sediment, which includes the bed load and part of suspended load, under the joint action of waves, tidal currents and wind - currents is derived

  5. After introducing some basic concepts of agent 、 mas and multi - agents learning, the thesis analyses the research actuality and the future developmental directions of rl and multi - agent rl ( marl ). furthermore, the theory and related learning algorithms of them are briefly introduced. on the basis of analyses of pursuit game, aimed at the individual action learner, the thesis extends the rl algorithm for single agent, proposes the macrl - cc algorithm. finally, aimed at the joint action learner, a team - stochastic - games - based ( tsgs - based ) framework for multi - agents cooperative rl is defined

    文章首先介紹了agent和多agent系統、以及多agent學習的一些基本概念,然後介紹了強化學習和多agent強化學習的研究現狀和未來發展方向。第二部分對強化學習理論和多agent強化學習理論進行了簡要介紹。在對pursuitgame問題進行初步分析的基礎上,針對獨立行為學習者,擴展了單agent強化學習演算法,提出了基於承諾和約定的多agent協同強化學習方法macrl - cc 。