dissimilar metal中文意思是什麼

dissimilar metal解釋

  • dissimilar: adj. 不同的,不一樣的 (to; from; with)。 The end would be dissimilar to the beginning. 結局將不同於開始。adv. -ly
  • metal: n 1 金屬;金屬製品;金屬合金。2 【化學】金屬元素;(opp alloy);金屬性。3 【徽章】金色;銀色。4 ...

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  1. Answer : qianshou pumpkin juice maintains functions of regulate blood sugar and blood fat, rectify adiposity and constipation, eliminate toxin from our body and dispel harm of heavy metal, this is our “ powerful arm ” to resist modern disease

    答: 「牽手」南瓜汁保持了調節血糖、調節血脂、糾正肥胖、糾正便秘、排除體內毒素和消除重金屬損害等作用,是我們用來抵禦現代病的「有力武器」 。
  2. A reliable machine shop can cut away a small amout of metal from the aft side of the mounting flange so that the lens will set closer to the film platen.

  3. The oxygen reduction catalyst is the key material of air electrode used in the metal - air battery and the electrochemical oxygen generator

  4. Some designers use metal strips at the section where the orifices are to be, thus avoiding the difficulties of filing dissimilar materials.

  5. Influence of friction speed on structure and properties of friction welded dissimilar metal joints