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  • dream: n 1 夢。2 幻想,夢想;空想。3 理想,願望。4 夢一樣美好的人[物等],美景。vi (dreamed dreamt dream...
  • tour: n 漫遊,游覽,周遊;旅行;(劇團的)巡迴演出;巡迴醫療;【軍事】(在海外基地為時2 3年的)服役期 ...

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  1. We can go on the king seiki abalone tour. right ?

  2. By analyzing the cultural atmosphere, singificance and value direction masked by contemporary writer ' s " hot - study of a dream of red mansions ", this article regards that writer ' s deconstruction for " a dream of red mansions " is not only the instructions and demand of academical writers ' s pursuit, but also the producer excruciation, introspection, reconstruction in his spiritual word in the atmosphere of the lost of traditional chinese culture and the marginalized literature condition

  3. One day on the tour, we visited a high mountain lake, and afterwards we had to descend some steps on the mountain that were very steep, and one of the older sisters suffered from acrophobia fear of heights. that day, she had used perfume with a very strong aroma, and one of the other sisters was allergic to the smell. it seems, however, that god had a special arrangement for them both

  4. Horatio alger scholarships are not necessarily given to the best or the brightest students, but we look for those who have a dream and a goal, who want to accomplish something noble for society, but who have no resources at all

  5. Cyclists from around the world will compete, on a course that covers more than 3000km of road, to try to realize a lifelong dream of winning the tour