earning per share中文意思是什麼

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  • earning: capacity
  • per:
  • share: n 1 一份;份兒,2 份額;分配額;分擔量。3 股;股份。4 〈pl 〉〈主英〉股票。vt 1 均分;均攤;平分...

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  1. Thirdly, circling around the goal of m & a exposed in the first part, this paper avoids one - side factor of using only one year financial variable. we take the listed company which did m & a in 1997 as samples and study on the variables of return of earning ( roe ), earning per share ( eps ) and the change of their stock prices through 5 years datum from 1996 to 2000. all is to analyze the changing tendency of m & a ' s performance in a long time as for the samples

    三、圍繞本文第一部分中所揭示的並購動機,避免單純採用當年財務指標評價的片面性,以1997年上市公司並購前後五年的年報數據為實證研究資料,選取凈資產收益率( roe )和每股收益率( eps )以及股價變動等指標,動態分析1997年上市公司並購的長期績效變動情況,評價該年上市公司並購績效的優劣狀況。
  2. Qingdao haier has to strengthen management in order to make the conversion successful. the paper analyzes qingdao haier ' s operation status and financial status in 2001, analyzes its competitiveness and the impact of the change of environment on it, points out the problems existing in its capital structure, forecasts its income and earning before interest and tax in 2002, and compares convertible bond with stock and bond with respect to individual capital cost, overall capital cost, differential cash flow nud earning per share, and draws the conclusion that convertible bond is the best choice for haicr. the paper continues to systematically design convertible bond for haier and evaluate the convertible bond using the option pricing model

  3. Therefore, we rechoose the index which considers more of the investor psychological sense. we make a redivision and retest based on the mean of earning per share and find that the result supports the overreaction hypothesis

  4. ( 3 ) dividend strategy : the undistributed company takes the majority ; the dividend distribution is obviously affected by earning per share ( eps ) ; cash bonus is mainly dividend distribution form ; the quantity of dividend has positive correlation with the company ' s profit ability

    ( 3 )股利分配戰略:不分配股利的公司佔多數;股利分配與否受每股收益的影響明顯;股利分配形式較多並且以派現為主;股利分配水平與公司盈利能力正相關。
  5. This text regards listed companies of 1998 - 2000 years of shanghai as the research object. having observed the earning per share ( eps ) and return on net assets ( roe ) of listed company. we examined the continuity of the index of the earning during these 3 years at the same time, we find that there are the phenomenon of earnings management generally in the listed company of our country

    首先本文以滬市1998 2000年的所有上市公司為研究對象,採用描述性統計與相關性分析的方法,考察了上市公司的每股收益指標以及凈資產收益率指標,同時我們又對這3年間盈餘指標的連續性進行了檢驗,我們發現我國上市公司中普遍存在著盈餘管理現象。