efficient wing span中文意思是什麼

efficient wing span解釋

  • efficient: adj. 1. 有效的,有力的;效率高的。2. 有實力的;有能力的,有本領的;能勝任的。adv. -ly
  • wing: n 1 翼,翅膀;鳥;鳥群;飛行,飛翔。2 (飛機)機翼;翼狀物;(汽車的)擋泥板;〈詩常 pl 〉船帆。3...
  • span: n 1 一?〈手指張開時,拇指尖至小指尖的長度,通常九英寸〉。2 (常有短的涵義的)一段時間;很小的間隔...

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  2. The stability of the tiltrotor in the heli copter mode is analyzed aiming t a semi span soft - inplane tiltrotor model with an elastic wing

  3. With the advancement of calculating theory and design technology, as well as the wide application of computer in the engineering design area, the bridge structure is developing towards large span, thin section, and prestress. the bridge construction scheme is also made great progress. with the research on construction project, the construction of the bridges over the river or the gorge is becoming more and more simple, efficient and economical

  4. An efficient wind field simulation technique for wind - induced vibration analysis of long - span bridges is first introduced in this paper , and the statistic characteristics of the simulated wind field are then discussed on this basis , the time - domain expressions for the buffeting and self - excited forces acting on long - span bridges are further given a simple and practical method is presented for the non - linear parameter identification involved in the calculation of self - excited forces by using the above theory , the wind field and aerodynamic forces acting on the hong kong ting kau bridge are obtained the time - domain buffeting response analysis of the bridge shows that the analytic results agree quite well with the experimental ones this indicates that the theory presented in this paper has reached a practical level

  5. The group expanded glass epoxy laminates ( " fr4 " ) production capabilities in jiangmen providing more efficient delivery services to our customers as well as reducing transportation costs. this will enable us to capture a bigger market share in the guangdong region. " mr paul cheung kwok - wing, chairman of kingboard chemical, commented on the group s latest development