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  • electrostatic: adj. 靜電的,靜電學的。adv. -cally
  • system: n 1 體系,系統;分類法;組織;設備,裝置。2 方式;方法;作業方法。3 制度;主義。4 次序,規律。5 ...

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  1. Analysis of the electrostatic accelerometer gas damping coefficient and its influence to the control system characteristic

  2. In order to observe process and study the rule of producing and collecting dust, and to study the performance of high - voltage electrostatic dust - collecting system, a set of analog device is designed based on on - site measure for workshop of unloading coal of qing huangdao port

  3. Test results indicated : with the hoist of altitude, the increase of ice amount and the rise of pollutant, the average flashover voltage reduced. the character exponent generally depends on the insulator profile, ice amount, ice state and pollution severity etc. by means of a high - speed camera, a data acquisition system and high voltage test facilities, a series of the flashover processes on ice surfaces were record. the experimental results form this study and the subsequent theoretical analyses suggested : the thermal ionization of the air in front of an arc root resulted in arc movement ; the electrostatic force had an auxiliary effect of impelling arc propagation ; the electrical

  4. B ) the damage of electro parts due to electrostatic mostly introduce the characteristic of electrostatic discharge ; the style of invalidation about electro parts, and analysis it " s mechanism ( include the laser diode ) c ) expatiate the damage of the human body - electrostatic ; the way of it get electrostatic and calculation method of it ' s quantity who is as a main type of electrostatic d ) the main technique of design in electrostatic defends. and established the chmavc electrostatic defends system

    靜電放電對電子元器件的危害主要介紹了靜電放電損害的特點;電子元器件的失效類型和失效機理,並對各種類型的失效進行了分析。 (包括激光二極體)人體靜電作為靜電的主要類別,從帶電方式、帶電量的計算和人體靜電危害上進行了闡述。靜電防護的設計方法和chmavc靜電防護體系的建立
  5. The technologies, including collecting the secondary fume by electrostatic precipitator on roof, restraining the open fume by dust inhibitor and treating the mobile fume by movable ventilation installation, are emphatically described. the adjustment and control of the gas flow and the pneumatic conveyance of the dust would be widely used in dust collecting system. as to the dust collector, low pressure pulse long bag filter and surface filtering technology would be a new technique in bag filter, and enlarged equipment would be the developing trend