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  • elevation: n. 1. 高舉,高陞;【醫學】挺起,隆腫。2. 升級;上進,向上。3. 高尚。4. 高處,高地,高度;海拔;(槍炮的)仰角,射角;【測】標高。5. 【建築】正視圖;立視圖。
  • angle: n 【英史】盎格魯人〈cf Angles〉。n 1 角,隅,角落;棱,嬗角。2 【數學】角,角位,角的度數。3 【機...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • sun: n 1 太陽;陽光;〈古語〉日出,日落。2 (有衛星的)恆星。3 像太陽的東西;中心人物;榮耀;權力。4 ...

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  1. This paper tries hard to make aesthetics education workable and systematic, at the same time, it adopts the artistic conception of traditional literature theory and the conception of acceptant aesthetic in the west when the connotation of the text is explained, from the angle of the author, text, and readers. the textbook should be understood dynamically

  2. Although this innovation is aimed at abating the farmers " burden, at the angle of law, its main object is to nail down the admeasure relation among the nation, the collectivity and the farmers, and so to lead the admeasure relation to be nomothetic

  3. The simulation program has been implemented to simulate the procedure of hxmt detecting x - ray source. the simulation result has been used to analyze the overlay region in celestial sphere, the variation of photon current intensity and the variation of the angle between sun and orbit, which demonstrate the reason why to select a 550 km height and 43o inclination low earth orbit as hxmt ' s orbit

    利用模擬程序,實現了模擬一個正在預研的天文衛星? ?硬x射線調制望遠鏡hxmt觀測x射線源的過程,分析了天球覆蓋、 hxmt接收的光子流強度的變化和太陽軌道面夾角的變化,說明了選取高度為550km ,傾角43o的近地圓軌道作為hxmt的運行軌道是合理的選擇。
  4. In terms of deriving the maximum trapped - wavelength and the critical emitting angle of elevation for electromagnetic wave which can forms duct propagation and introducing the four kinds necessary condition for electromagnetic wave to form duct propagation, under these conditions we now have the radio wave bent back towards the earth

  5. Because of the van der waals repulsion between two substituents existed in chiral 1, 2 - disubstitited ferrocene, the elevation angle of partial helix in the molecular structure is changed

    由於手性1 , 2 -二取代二茂鐵的兩個取代基之間的范德華斥力,致使其分子結構中包含的部分螺旋改變了仰角,而這種改變使有關螺旋的旋光度代數和不為零,因而導致旋光性。