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  • eye: n (pl eyes 〈古語〉 eyen )1 眼睛,目。 blind in one eye =lose an eye 一目失明。 compound eyes ...
  • model: n 1 模型,雛型;原型;設計圖;模範;(畫家、雕刻家的)模特兒;樣板。2 典型,模範。3 (女服裝店僱...

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  1. The simulating eye model was created based on anatomy and muscle characteristics, and animated by multi - curve spectrum, which indicates time - varying muscle contraction

  2. A feasible method based on the mathematical model and symmetry analysis is presented to detect and locate the driver ' s eye in an image and the gray scale mode matching technique is used to determine the driver fatigue level

    而駕駛員的眼睛狀況能夠綜合反映這些客觀因素。尤其是眼睛閉合持續時間的百分率p s值和眼睛閉合持續時間的人小能夠較為準確的表明駕駛疲勞的程度。
  3. In this article the principle of information theory and the characteristic of human eye ' s system have been introduced to analyze the model of self - adapting quantization, at the same time, the arithmetic to calculate bw & rbw and the simulation result have also been given

    從信息論和人眼視覺特性的角度詳細地分析了自適應非均勻量化模型,並給出了計算bw & rbw的演算法以及模擬結果。
  4. We then specify where the observer s eye will be located. the ray tracing program will mathematically model the objects, the light rays and the observer and compute the colour for each pixel on the screen

  5. By the eye diagram pattern, we have researched the ideal channel ' s respond - nyquist pulse, and have got its eye diagram model. based on this, a type of base - band codes called ijf codes have been derived

    並由此導出一種沒有碼間干擾和定時抖動的基帶信號碼型,稱為ijf ( intersymbol - interferenceandjirterfree )信碼。