fascinate chaam中文意思是什麼

fascinate chaam解釋

  • fascinate: vt 迷住,使神魂顛倒,強烈地吸引住(蛇睨視青蛙等),蠱惑;使嚇呆。The boy was fascinated by the to...
  • chaam: 差安

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  1. It was the islands that seemed chiefly to fascinate melvilleor ratherthe whole tropical ambience of the area.

  2. I believed devoutly in her power to fascinate him, in her dazzling loveliness.

  3. The next moment he was " showing off " with all his might - cuffing boys, pulling hair, making faces - in a word, using every art that seemed likely to fascinate a girl and win her applause

  4. To fascinate and enthral pure and simple is the purpose

  5. Meteorites fascinate scientists because they are the smashed - up remnants of asteroids ? the tiny wannabe planets that orbit between mars and jupiter

    隕石引起科學家的興趣是因為他們是流星破碎后的殘余物(流星是運行軌道處於火星和木星之間的那些小行星) 。