flattened sphere中文意思是什麼

flattened sphere解釋

  • flattened: 扁平的
  • sphere: n 1 球;球體,圓體,球面,球形。2 天體;星,行星。3 地球儀,天體儀。4 【天文學】天球;天空。5 (...

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  1. Since the axis of the part is not on the same line, it may be necessary to amend the part in order to make it ease to produce. the amendable method mostly is the fw pattern in the juncture of fastigiated column and sphere

  2. This large instrument was made up of an armillary sphere, a celestial globe and a mechanical chronograph

  3. Astronomers have divided the celestial sphere into a total of 88 regions.

  4. The local boss, however autocratic he may be in the larger sphere of the city with the power he gets from the neighborhood, must always be in and of the people.

  5. Its intersection with the celestial sphere will be a great circle--the ecliptic.