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  1. " but, " replied franz, " this ambrosia, no doubt, in passing through mortal hands has lost its heavenly appellation and assumed a human name ; in vulgar phrase, what may you term this composition, for which, to tell the truth, i do not feel any particular desire ?

    「但是, 」弗蘭茲答道, 「這種神漿,既然落到了凡人的手裡,無疑的已喪失了它在天上時的尊號而有了一個人間的名稱,用谷語來說,您可以把這種藥液叫做什麼呢?說老實話,我倒並不十分想嘗它。 」
  2. " and pray, " asked franz, " where are these pistols, blunderbusses, and other deadly weapons with which you intend filling the carriage ?

    「請問, 」弗蘭茲問道, 「這些手槍,散彈槍,和其他各種你想裝滿在馬車里的厲害武器在哪兒呢? 」
  3. " excellency, " cried the cicerone, seeing franz approach the window, " shall i bring the carriage nearer to the palace ?

    「閣下, 」向導看到弗蘭茲走到窗口面前,就大聲喊道, 「要我把花車駛近王宮來嗎? 」
  4. " on my word, " said franz, " you are wise as nestor and prudent as ulysses, and your fair circe must be very skilful or very powerful if she succeed in changing you into a beast of any kind.

    「憑良心說, 」弗蘭茲說, 「你真可謂聰明如涅斯托而慎重如尤利西斯了。你那位漂亮的塞茜要是想把你變成一隻不論哪一種的走獸,她一定得非常機巧或非常神通廣大才行。 」
  5. Do you say that m. noirtier disinherits mademoiselle de villefort because she is going to marry m. le baron franz d epinay ?

    您說諾瓦蒂埃先生不立維爾福小姐做他的繼承人,就是因為她要嫁給弗蘭茲伊皮奈男爵嗎? 」