future of social中文意思是什麼

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  • future: n 1 未來,將來。2 前途,遠景。3 〈pl 〉 【商業】期貨,期貨交易。4 〈俚語〉未婚夫,未婚妻。5 【語...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • social: adj 1 社會的,社會上的。2 交際的,社交的;喜歡交際的。3 合群的;【動物;動物學】群居的;【植物;...

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  1. The aim of carrying out study of chinese by research - like means is to cultivate student ' s information handling ability ; develop the spirit of independent research and cooperation study ; cultivate scientific attitude and moral ; acquire active feeling and experience of participation in research and exploration ; own humanism care about the reality and future of social life

  2. The past and future of china ' s social security system

  3. Such actions directly decide the rights and obligations of the future company, effect the safety of transactions and stability of social economic order

  4. A working group of welfare blueprint was formed to compile initial recommendations on the future development of social welfare

  5. Keeping in mind the past, present and future of china and other parts of the world, we must accurately comprehend the characteristics of the times and the party ' s tasks, scientifically formulate and correctly implement the party ' s line, principles and policies, and study and settle questions concerning the promotion of china ' s social progress and the improvement of party building. we should neither approach questions out of their historical context nor lose our bearings, and we should neither fall behind the times nor skip the stages, so as to ensure that our cause will advance from victory to victory