gable roof中文意思是什麼

gable roof解釋

  • gable: n. 【建築】山墻,三角墻;三角形的建築部分。
  • roof: n 1 屋頂,房屋;家屋。2 (放行李的)車頂;笠形罩。3 上頜。4 最高部,頂部;【礦物】頂板。5 【航空...

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  1. The roof is acid-resistant concrete and carries the acid distributor and its drive.

  2. Famous for its retractable roof, skydome is home to the toronto argonauts football team and the toronto blue jays baseball team, 1992 and 1993 world series champions

    這是世界著名雕塑家亨利摩雷henry moo re的作品,名字就叫「兩大塊物件」 large two forms 。
  3. Numerical simulation of wind pressures on low - rise building with gable roof

  4. The roof ridges are decorated with plastered motifs of auspicious animals and patterns like dragon fish, peony, plums and lotus, and its gable walls are adorned with delicate leafy mouldings

  5. The chik kwai study hall is exceptional due to the well - preserved architectural components of the building. examples include the ornate woodcarvings, the lively decorative plaster mouldings on the roof ridges and gable walls, and the vivid traditional chinese murals, which are all said not to have been repainted or refurbished since the construction of the study hall. such features make it one of the finest examples of traditional chinese study halls that still survive in yuen long