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  1. 21 callan e, kent d, guenther h, vorperian k. an auditory - feedback - based neural network model of speech production that is robust to developmental changes in the size and shape of the articulatory system

  2. In china, most of related research follow the model of goldsmith ( 1969 ), focusing on the relationship between financial structure and economic growth, while there are only occasional papers that intuitively recognize the role of financial structure in the process of monetary transmission mechanism, but it lacks basically a systematic analysis to follow the models of gurley and shaw ( 1960 ), bernanke ( 1995 ), dornbusch et al ( 1998 ), cecchetti and krause ( 2001 ), focusing on the modern views of the monetary transmission mechanism, which assign a central role to financial structure

  3. Beauloye c, bertrand l, krause u, et al. no - flow ischemia inhibits insulin signaling in heart by decreasing intracellular ph [ j ]. circulation research. 2001 ; 88 : 513

    毛旭虎,許霖水.胰島素受體酪氨酸蛋白激酶在嚴重燙傷大鼠胰島素抵抗中作用的研究[ j ] .第三軍醫大學學報, 1996 , 18 : 1 - 3
  4. In many cases, it crept up with frightening force after what had seemed a harmless, even healthful meal - a spinach salad with walnuts, a sandwich layered with spinach or, as for the krause family, a baked, boneless, skinless piece of chicken on a small bed of spinach

  5. Weber , max , 1978 : economy and society : an outline of interpretive sociology , guenther roth claus wittich ed. , university of california press , ( second printing ) 。 v. i. p. 33

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